I'm a web designer / dev based in Belgium



Fan Game


  • React
  • PixiJS
  • PixelArt

By far the most ambitious project I had ever commited myself to at the time. This game retells the first chapter of the book La Horde du Contrevent, or Windwalkers in English. The main challenge was to learn two pieces of tech (React and PixiJS), and in the same time adapting the story of the novel. Brace yourself if you want to try it, the intro is VERY long...

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windwalkers01 windwalkers02 windwalkers03 windwalkers04 windwalkers05 windwalkers06 windwalkers07 windwalkers08 windwalkers09 windwalkers10 windwalkers11 windwalkers12

Diane di Prima

Tribute Website


  • HTML
  • SCSS
  • Old School

This project validated my second year as a student web designer. It tells the story of the poet Diane di Prima from her birth to our days. The main inspiration came from old magazines from the fifties that people printed at home and send by mail to each other. I'm kinda proud of this baby. Check it out if you're interested in poetry.

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diane01 diane02 diane03 diane04 diane05 diane06


VR Game


  • Unity
  • VR
  • Colors

We built this game from scratch in two days without much sleep. Still it plays well. My first VR experience. Looking forward to work again with that technology. My mission here was to code most of the gameplay and VFX. We worked with Unity, at the time my main development software.

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synchrome01 synchrome02 synchrome03 synchrome04


Serious Game


  • Unity
  • Serious Game
  • Cute

Again a video game we made in a weekend. At this time I had just started learning Unity, but the results were quite encouraging. As always I focused mostly on the gameplay development.

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luna01 luna02 luna03 luna04 luna05